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Three key ingredients to public service: 
COMMITMENT - A person within your community who can be trusted and who will defend your rights in the township. A person who will stand up and address problems that concern you and our community.

DEDICATION - A person who will not stop in his efforts to correct your problems which have become his problems. A person who will devote long hours to make sure our community reflects back to the days of its inception - a community built on character and hard work. In 12 years, I attended all but one Township Meeting, due to the birth of my grandson.

VISION - I have the vision, determination and commitment for the future of Ardsley. It means more than solving the day to day problems of our community; it means to be able to look into the future, and make Ardsley a better place for our children and the economy. A public servant needs to see more than the present, he needs to see what the future will hold for his community. As your commissioner I will continue to move Ardsley forward.

As your Commissioner, I will continue to lead the way and work hard as your representative for good, honest government. Working together as a team we can accomplish many things. I will continue to make your concerns my priority.


10 Promises Made, 10 Promises Kept:

1  Storm Water Management - completed many flood control projects in our community and future work on the Edgehill/Tyson corridor and brought $8 million dollars into Ardsley for flood control projects.

2  Secured grant money for a walking path at Ardsley Park.

3  Revitalization of the Jenkintown Road corridor.

4  Secured grant money for additional playround equipment.

5  Preserved Hillside Tract & the Ardsely Wildlife Sanctuary.

6  Working with our State Representative to revitalize the Ardsley Train Station.

7  Partnered with local company to bring free computer classes to Ardsley Community Center.

8  Secured grant money for our seniors at the Edgehill Nursing Home.

9  Voted to preserve open space.

10  Voted 12 consecutive years against a property tax increase.
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